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Rob Ellis is an artist, his pallet is light and his canvas is your home and landscaping. Bringing over 33 years of architectural landscaping lighting experience, Rob will bring the best feature of your home to light.


The crew at Architectural Landscape Lighting & Design are the best in the city. All the top landscaping designers call on Rob to showcase their work and their clients homes.


He believes that seeing is believing, they demo each project, actually setting up the lights for you to see the transformation. Nobody else does this.


Projects big or small are welcome. They will also educate you to do it your self and sell you a DYI kit of the best lights to buy.

Rob Ellis is available, nationwide, as lighting consultant as well as a complete project contractor in the Greater Cincinnati area.

What our clients say about us tells our story better than we can!

"My wife, Carol and I (Bradley Bates) live in West Texas. When we decided to tackle a landscaping makeover at our home, our choice of landscaper was evident as their work is superb in our area.


After nearly a year of landscaping, the work was winding down, and we began discussing the idea of adding outdoor lighting. Any light is a plus, providing more use of outdoor space when the desert nights cool off. The landscaper insisted we use the local electric company he uses on his lighting projects. We refused. We researched our options and learned outdoor lighting done artfully, can have dramatic effects.


We began searching which ultimately led us to, of all places, Cincinnati, Ohio! Architectural Landscape Lighting owned by Rob Ellis was cranking out the dramatic lighting effects we wanted. We discovered Rob has been in business many years providing  Cincinnati's established elite with the quality of landscape lighting they demand.


While getting them down here was a challenge, it was the right choice! The subtle color variations, control of light intensities, light placements, layering, all collectively added up to a night and day difference. Rob Ellis is an artist with an electrical engineer's training.


Architectural Landscape Lighting's work, as evidenced in the photographs, stands as a visual testament to the transformative effects it can add to your landscape."

Carol & Bradley Bates

"We first used Rob Ellis for our landscape lighting over 20 years ago and continue to this day. He is an artist with light and has dazzled our neighborhood with his talents. What’s more, his business ethics are beyond reproach accompanied by top notch service. We highly recommend him for your landscape lighting needs."

Daniel & Jill Funk

"I have had the pleasure in working with Architectural Lighting for over 20 years, Rob and crew provide my residential clients with innovative design and excellent customer service. From design consultation, nighttime demonstrations, and customized fixtures and control systems, Architectural Lighting supply a thoughtful and professional experience."

Tracey Meade Garden Design

Our family has worked with Rob Ellis and his company for over 10 years now. From the time Rob scheduled a "demo Day" to show what he could do, I knew he was right for us.


The initial consult lasted hours and he insisted on showing us different lights and angles He was very willing to work with us and take into consideration and input.


The result was stunning, the lights accent the 1929 house in a very complimentary way. We occasionally need to change out bulbs and lights in trees that were lost. Rob always responds immediately. He's a local guy and not part of a large firm that can't find time after the sale.


From design, sale, install and service, I can't imagine a better person to do business with in the outdoor lighting business.

Jack Cassidy




As a garden and landscape design firm  in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, one of the main goals when designing a new outdoor setting at AbbotsWood, Ltd.  is that the finished product matches the vision we work together to create - from the  beginning consultation to completion of the project.


On behalf of our client, all the peer professionals brought onto a new AWL  project need to share the same commitment-simply to exceed all expectations.


A successfully completed design installation must appear as if it’s always been seamlessly in place and original to the property- never “newly added”.


For this reason and because of the level of trust required to achieve our mutual goals and responsibilities, AWL only works with proven, long-term professionals for every aspect of work we design.  The professionals invited to participate are sole-sourced, thoroughly vetted and trusted utterly.


Because of this established trust, AbbotsWood, Ltd. is comfortable incorporating intricate landscape elements into our projects. We include mortared stone masonry (walls, fireplaces, and terraces), large drifts of important landscape plantings, custom carpentry, water elements.....and more.


While these key elements look beautiful during the day, the subtle and elegant effects of a superior landscape lighting design adds the absolute finishing touch to our ambitious projects.  The lipstick.


“Night” gardens are perhaps more important than “day” gardens, when it comes to showcasing warmth, beauty and drama of an outdoor setting.


The key contributors to attaining this  goal are my colleagues at Architectural Landscape Lighting and Design.  Rob Ellis is the founder and lighting visionary of this firm.  I’ve worked exclusively with Rob and his talented and professional team for over 20 years.  We’ve been partners for this long, because no other firm comes close to their level of lighting design artistry, skill, customer service and technical expertise in the electrical field.


Their business is grounded in the fact that they started their work as professional electricians, which to me means they stand out among most other contractors when it comes to landscape lighting.  Their “behind-the-scenes infrastructure work“ is professional and installed to current electrical codes.  No corners are ever cut.  Most importantly to AWL, the unseen safely-based aspect of their work (for our client) is of premium quality.


Rob Ellis inherently knows how to bring each landscape design detail to the forefront with his innovative lighting techniques, making them gain a more important presence than we originally envision.  He doesn’t fall back on tired methods that might be “good enough”. He’s inherently creative and designs every single project individually and simply makes our projects look more  understated and beautiful than we ever imagine.  Rob is willing to collaborate with us when it comes to technical issues and we always end up with a most saturated, detailed and interesting lighting plan for that project.


The creative way that ALLD approaches the details of our designs is why our clients often times love their outdoor spaces most at night.


Our combined goal as partners in each project is to illuminate (in the most elegant and subtle way) any outdoor setting in a manner that never “looks like it’s been illuminated”.  Often times only when the lighting has been turned off, do we realize it’s been “lit“ in the first place.  That’s always the ultimate goal of ALLD, and they’ve taught me to only accept that subtle nuance on every project.


For instance, one doesn’t notice large estate trees (towering over a house in the background) that are washed in subtle light, other than the fact that their shadows add low-profile dimension to the overall space.  This is but one key detail that this team employs. Careful attention to these details are their trademark.


The ALLD preemptive “on-site demos” are important to showcase the creative side of Rob and his team.  By laying out how “it can look”, before a client even commits to a lighting service indicates the level of confidence that ALLD has in showcasing their work.....and rightfully so.


Whether it be an entry garden, a courtyard terrace, a driveway approach road or the face of a residence with beautiful and dramatic trees-any outdoor setting looks warm, dramatic and welcoming when lit by ALLD.


Further, the team at ALLD has created their own line of copper housed strip-lighting for masonry work that is absolutely unique and proprietary.


I recommend ALLD whole-heartedly. There’s no one else I would work with professionally and no other lighting company I would recommend to friends and family.


Lastly, once the project is spotlessly finished by ALLD, their follow-up service is the icing on the cake.   No one is better.


Rhonda P. Mindrum

AbbotsWood, Ltd.